Why Buy MAA Bulletproof Cars, Trucks & SUVs?

Perfect Safety Record.

Since 1998, Madison Avenue Armor has been providing an extensive selection of discreet and secure bulletproof vehicles, cars, trucks, and SUVs for sale, catering to international delegates, heads-of-state, business executives, entertainment and sport VIPs, as well as high net-worth individuals and their families. With 14 years of experience in New York’s luxury armored car business, offering transportation and protection services as an industry leader with a perfect safety record, we understand the lifestyle and security needs of its ultra-discriminating clientele. If you’re looking for top-tier armored vehicles for sale, Madison Avenue Armor is your trusted destination.

Flexible Purchase Options

  • Buy your armored car and enjoy a premium warranty and parts support.
  • Always New Program allows trade-ins every 1 – 2 years.
  • Access to our presidential level executive protection program. We provide security consultation, planning and operational implementation.

Domestic US and World-Wide Armored Cars for Sale

  • We ship anywhere in the United States.
  • Exporting luxury bulletproof cars to most countries worldwide, including most of Africa, Middle East, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Caribbean, Nigeria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Manufacturing capabilities in The US, Middle East, Africa, Canada and Europe.

Customizing your bulletproof vehicle

  • Select the car you would like to have armored
    • BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes or Range Rover – Any car can be armored.
  • Choose the bulletproof luxury car package (Levels B3 to B7)
    Protection from handguns, high-powered rifles and explosives.
  • Design the interior layout
    Designs range from maintaining the original look and feel of your vehicle, to the luxurious CEO,Mobile Office and high security environments.
  • Install security and technology features
    Popular options include ram bumpers, strobe/siren package, mobile internet and secure communications systems.
  • Limousine style interiors with choices of leather and wood veneers, recessed lighting, reclining and extending seating, beverage center, computer linkups, and A/V systems
  • Operable driver partition wall and privacy curtains
  • Front seat command unit navigation system
  • Fire suppressant system
  • Dual batteries and alternators
  • Choice of opaque and transparent armor materials
  • Run flat system with spare
  • High performance breaking and suspension systems
  • Front and night vision camera
  • Radio, cell, satellite and other communications options
  • Evasive applications – tack array dispenser, oil slick, smoke screen
  • Electric door handles
  • Blast protection

Any car can be armored – but the most popular models include:

Armored and Bullet-Proof Range and Land Rover SUV
Armored and Bullet-Proof Cadillac Escalade SUV
Armored and Bullet-Proof Mercedes-Benz G55 and GL550 SUV
Armored and Bullet-Proof Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van
Armored and Bullet-Proof Lexus LX570 SUV
Armored and Bullet-Proof Chevrolet Suburban SUV
Armored and Bullet-Proof Lincoln Navigator SUV
Armored and Bullet-Proof Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series SUV
Armored and Bullet-Proof Toyota 76, Toyota 78 SUV
Armored and Bullet-Proof GM Yukon Denali SUV
Armored and Bullet-Proof Jeep Cherokee SUV
Armored and Bullet-Proof Ford F550 and 650 Pickup Truck

Armored and Bullet-Proof Ford Explorer SUV
Armored and Bullet-Proof Expedition SUV
Armored and Bullet-Proof Toyota Hilux
Armored and Bullet-Proof Maybach
Armored and Bullet-Proof Rolls Royce
Armored and Bullet-Proof Mercedes-Benz S550
Armored and Bullet-Proof Mercedes-Benz S600
Armored and Bullet-Proof Lexus LS460
Armored and Bullet-Proof Audi 8 Series
Armored and Bullet-Proof BMW 5 and 7 Series
Armored and Bullet-Proof Lincoln Town Car