MADISON AVENUE ARMOR specializes in the complete process-design, engineering, manufacturing, and delivery of cars that protect against explosions, ballistics, projectiles and forced entry in vehicles. Our products are now providing safety and security in the New York City and around the United States.

MADISON AVENUE ARMOR can provide armored cars, anywhere in the world, at competitive prices, and with delivery schedules much quicker and more reliable than the industry average.

At MADISON AVENUE ARMOR, we stand by the services, quality, craftsmanship, and reliability of each of our vehicles. Should any warranty issues or maintenance needs arise, we can send our technicians on-site to service your vehicle. Additionally, we also have maintenance and repair authorized partners in many parts of the world.

At MADISON AVENUE ARMOR, we stand by the services, quality, craftsmanship, and reliability of each of our vehicles every armored vehicle manufactured and sold by MADISON AVENUE ARMOR is backed by our comprehensive two (2) years warranty (Terms of warranty may vary from contract to contract). Any suspected warranty related work must first be confirmed as being necessary by means of technical consultation with a MADISON AVENUE ARMOR engineers.

Accessories not directly related to the armoring process (winches, lighting, shields, etc.) are covered by the warranties of their respective manufacturers, and are not included in the warranty coverage provided by MADISON AVENUE ARMOR.

MADISON AVENUE ARMOR assumes no responsibility for damages sustained through misuse or accidental damage, negligence, or any unauthorized modifications made to the vehicle following delivery of the vehicle to the customer. Under the terms in this warranty, MADISON AVENUE ARMOR shall in no way be held liable for any incidental or consequential damaged arising from loss of use or time, inconvenienced, or commercial loss resulting from need for warranty work. This armored vehicle warranty covers the repair and/or replacement of warranty related items only. All other non-warranty related additional costs sustained remain the responsibility of the customer. However, although MADISON AVENUE ARMOR does not warrant these items directly, we do offer assistance in obtaining servicing from their companies of origin or replace them for the client at our current wholesale cost price.